Origin of the project:

My name is Yordi Verbeeren. As third year student in aviation technology, to the VIVES university of Oostende (Belgium), I am very interested in the modern developments and technological progress concerning aviation and unmanned aviation.

In that context and in consultation with Mr. De Roo (professor RPAS and plane systems of VIVES university), we have come to the decision to make aviation and more specifically unmanned aviation more accessible for the general public and to promote it.

After all, the technological advances in this industry are very large and will control and change our daily lives in the future. The application possibilities are huge.

A perfect option to achieve these objectives according to us, is to establish a world record. Considering that we want to emphasize the application possibilities of this project, even outside the aviation sector, we wanted to go for the world record: “Longest delivery drone journey”. This is mainly about the cargo possibilities offered by unmanned aviation. (Applicable in any sector like military, medical, commercial, etc.)

Inquiry to the organization of the Guinness Book of Records it turns out that the current distance record on cargo delivery flights with an unmanned drone is 15 km.

The purpose of this project is to break this distance record and in this way to show the unlimited future opportunities to the general public.

In view of the current Belgian legislation and in view of the unwavering progress, we also want to make clear that adaptation of these regulations will be necessary in order to achieve new applications in the future.

Purpose of the project:

Our goal is to break the current world record Longest delivery drone journey” that is set on 15 km to a minimum distance of 65 km. This means that a flight with a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) will be made at Koksijde military area, with cargo (chocolate), and that this UAV will take a completely autonomous route, to return afterwards to its startingpoint.

The aim is also to demonstrate the current and future-oriented possibilities of unmanned aviation to all those interested in this project.